Handcrafted metal wirependant light series. Inspired in simple generic geometric forms where the main character is the light source itself. Its structure contains the space that sorrounds the bulb.

El Tamel

Inspired in vintage industrial pendant lights, wrapped together with modern desing and finishes.


U32-1 introduces our U32 line of lighting artifacts developed for lamp manufacturer LampsLite. Constructed entirely from metal, U32-1 explores the concept of modern lighting, taking heavily from contemporary urban trends; particularly the tension an structure of the modern city landscape.

Composed from two icosahedric geometries the lamp presents a distinct angular dialogue, between surface and frame.


Hammered Copper pendant light series. Simple pieces of copper, hammered by Mexican artisans in order to reflect the light in different patterns.

Beautiful work by local reknown craftsmen.


Molded Concrete pendant light series. Inspired from ancient Mexican ruins, as if collected from scattered pieces of crafted stone ornaments.